1. For downloading SimTools plugins you need a Download Package. Get it with virtual coins that you receive for forum activity or Buy Download Package - We have a zero Spam tolerance so read our forum rules first.

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Coins and how to download Plugins?

SimTools (motion software) and Xsimulator.net (community and community developed plugins) are two separate entities, see here for details on the relationship and revenue arrangements between the two: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/faq/simtools-and-xsimulator-partnership-explained.275/

A SimTools license only covers the SimTools software, it does not cover access to plugins, if eligible you can apply for a free DIY SimTools license, or you can purchase a SimTools license.

There is a "download package" necessary to be able to download Plugins and to access the Plugin download section.

You can get them with coins for an activity or by purchasing a download package

  • If you do not have enough coins you need to purchase a download package or you need to earn at least 250 coins for forum activity
  • One download package is valid for one week and costs you 250 coins. Within that week you can download as many plugins as you like to: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/shop/
  • One plugin download costs you 10 coins which will be reduced from your account
  • You are able to download Plugins even when your coin account is negative but you are not able to purchase a new download package when you do not have enough coins when the download package expired.
  • You will earn new coins for activity in the forum. (See earning rates below)
  • If you do not have enough coins and want to download right now you are able to purchase a Gold Supporter Status.
    That Gold supporter status also includes the permission for you to the plugin download section and will also include some special dedicated support
  • A gold supporter will get a small badge below his avatar.

What do I get for which activity in coins?
  • Registration: 10 Coins
  • Happy Birthday: (Surprise)
  • Update full profile: 10 Coins
  • Upload avatar: 5 Coins
  • Create new thread: 6 Coins
  • Thread deleted -6 Coins
  • Thread get a reply: 1 Coin
  • Create poll: 5 Coins
  • Vote poll: 1 Coin
  • Poll get a vote: 1 Coin
  • Thread gets sticky: 10 Coins
  • New post: 6 Coins (with word multiplicator for large and extended posts)
  • Post deleted: -6 Coins
  • Upload attachment: 5 Coins
  • Download attachment: -10 Coins
  • Attachment downloaded: 1 Coin
  • Read Thread: 1 Coin
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