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Axis Assignment Percentage Totals

Setting up a good motion profile takes time and is not always easy.

It is recommended by @eaorobbie that the total axis assignment, per axis, should not exceed 100%: http://www.xsimulator.net/community...ors-and-item-structure.6102/page-4#post-68586

Others have found that sometimes going over the total 100% axis assignment is necessary to get decent motion on their particular rigs, as @bsft explains here: http://www.xsimulator.net/community...t-mover-big-worm-gears.4898/page-2#post-63188

There can be issues in going over 100% axis assignments though. As @bsft, @Nick Moxley, @Blame73 and @noorbeast warn more that 130% starts to create real problems , which often means lowering the axis limits, for which there are a variety of approaches: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/motors-keep-stopping-need-some-advice.6790/#post-76066

Its mentioned by BlazinH :

Simtools1.x allows a maximum of 6 output interfaces but Simtools2.x allows 12. Therefore we can run two different simulators as one so to speak. The best example is a 6dof Stewart platform that also has a g-seat on it. In this case, interfaces 1-6 (Axis1a thru Axis6a) would be used for the Stewart platform and interfaces 7 up to 12 (Axis1b up to Axis6b) would be used for the g-seat (in actuality you could put the g-seat first though). Then what we would do is use the tuning center to adjust the forces to where we want them for our Stewart platform. But we only have one set of tuning numbers, not two.

Therefore, in order to tune the g-seat part of the simulator, where we may need to use more or less than the Steward platform uses, we adjust it with axis allocations instead since we don’t have separate tuning numbers for it. As an example, there may be a possibility where we may need to use more than 100% of an axis in order to get the motion we want on the g-seat and therefore why an axis allocation can go up to 150% now.
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Apr 16, 2015
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