SimTools tutorials and documentation. Learn here, how to control your motion simulator with the SimTools software.

How to set up SimTools for a dual PC configuration

Here’s a Quick Setup Guide for Dual-PC use of SimTools: Install SimTools on both PC’s. Install the game plugins you want on both PC’s with the SimTools_PluginUpdater.exe Check the IP address of your 2nd PC with ipconfig.exe: [Windows key]-R → type cmd → on the prompt type ipconfig → read the the ip address Start Game Engine on the 2nd PC. Start Game Manager on the game PC Game Manager should read “Not Connected”. Click on Tools and an […]

SimTools Quickstart

Quickstart Guide for SimTools! Guide for SimTools 2 will be updated soon! Following this, step after step, is a quick way to achieve your first basic functional setup and make your simulator come alive. For detailed explanation use the complete user guide: Find a russian translated version at: A LITTLE ABOUT SIMTOOLS SimTools […]