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Conditional statements for url in XenForo templates

[gard] If  you need to check a conditional statement in your XenForo template for a specific part of a url just use the following syntax: <li id=”menu-item-14″ class=”<xen:if is=”{$requestPaths.requestUri} == ‘/community/marketplace/categories/marketplace.7/'”> current-menu-item</xen:if>”><a href=””>Marketplace</a></li> In this example, if the current Url is ‘/community/marketplace/categories/marketplace.7/’ the class will be extended with current-menu-item I use that piece of code […]

XenForo Nginx rewrite rules configuration for friendly url

[gard] Use the following configuration file to run your XenForo forum installation delivered by the Nginx webserver with friendly urls: The rules are very simple: Open your nginx.conf (You often in /etc/nginx): Inside the server block {} insert two location related sections: location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$uri&$args; } location ~ /(internal_data|library) { internal; […]