XSimulator is a project with a lot of help by our international based community. Our credits and special thanks for the development of SimTools go to:

yobuddy aka Dustin Arrell – USA
Main developer of SimTools

“Writes code with a simplicity like breathing air. I have never seen him sleeping before a new function is working as desired”


value1 aka Thomas Siegen – SWITZERLAND
Official Beta tester | Plugin Developer | Supporter & Moderator

“Sometimes three new game plugins a day is just incredible. Thanks for all your efforts buddy, just amazing!”


RaceRay aka René Hermenau – GERMANY
Web-development, Administration and Design | Moderator

“I do my best to hold the community together”


eaorobbie aka Robert Lindsay – AUSTRALIA
Official Beta tester | Plugin and Dash Developer | Supporter

“Do you have any Question? He is the one with a very qualified answer.”


RacingMat aka Mat – FRANCE
Official Beta tester | Supporter

One of our latest but most active members. Very dedicated and nice guy. Don´t wanna miss you here.


prilad aka Alexey Priladyshev – RUSSIA
Official Beta tester | Plugin Developer | Supporter

“A great guy with excellent coding skills”


Historiker – USA
Official Beta tester | Supporter

“Very active supporter and flight enthusiastic XSimer”


Macka aka Mark McRae – AUSTRALIA
SCN5 Support

“Without Mark we had no SCN support. Thanks for testing all nights long”


Korrea aka Fernando Nunez – SPAIN
SCN5 Support

“Thanks Fernando for your help to get the SCN actuators working”

More special thanks goes also to our members:

  • SilentChill
  • SeatTime
  • Pit
  • BlazinH
  • RufusDufus
  • speedy
  • noorbeast
  • NCLabs
  • Bruce Stephan

Furthermore a big thank to everyone who helped and still support us in any way. You all are just awesome

I cannot mention everyone here, the list of supporters are too much, but if you think your name should be mentioned here please let me know

See you on the track
~ René