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Wiper motor => mandatory ground isolation

Follow the advice of @bsft or you will fry your Hbridge
ground isolation is mandatory!

it's mandatory because with 2 motors connected to ground, when the Hbridge will drive one motor reverse and the other forward, the 12V and 0V will be connected together through the structure
-> short-circuit!

@Zed: You actually want to disconnect the ground for use with H bridges. The whole reason to use an H bridge is to be able to reverse motor polarity so so it goes the other direction. When you reverse the polarity of the applied power, the motor frame can become “energized”. If it is mounted to a metal frame with another motor powered up the other polarity, you get a short from power to ground and can blow electronics. I used energized/power and ground to denote polarities, but it’s also +/- or however you want to think of it. In a car, the motors that use their frames as a connector all just run one way.

@bsft: from here
With wipers, a large passenger car is usually good or a small truck , but use 12v for 12v. DO NOT USE 24v motors on 12v, all you do is half the speed and half the power. Waste of time.
Yes you do need to earth isolate the metal body of the motor as well.

Follow @eaorobbie picture:

@insanegr: from here
in your case as someone said before you have to find which is ground - low speed- and high speed and mark them.(you don't need low speed at all only high speed)[​IMG]
then test with a multimeter(buzzer Ω) that you don't have any contact between the case (body of motor) and three cables.if you don't hear anything you are OK if you hear the buzzer on the multimeter you have to isolate the motors.
1.get your motor [​IMG]
2. open it [​IMG]
3. find the brush that's connected on the body [​IMG]
4. cut it [​IMG]
5. solder a wire directly on the brush [​IMG]
6.close it and you are done [​IMG]
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Jun 23, 2014
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