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Which way to set SimTool axis movements

Which way an axis moves is determined by the Dir box being checked orange or not. Both boxes will be either checked or unchecked for surge and pitch, while only one will be checked for sway and the opposite one will be checked for roll.


Nomenclature of movements in SimTools by @value1:

Pitch is the tilt of the car forwards or backwards in [°]
Roll is how much the car is dipped to the left or right in [°]
Yaw is the heading of the car (north, east, south, west) in [°]

Surge means the acceleration of the car in longitudinal direction [g]
Sway means the acceleration of the car in lateral direction [g]
Heave means the acceleration up and down [g]
Direction of movements in SimTools
Acceleration → pitch slider moves to left, surge slider moves to right
Deceleration (braking) → pitch slider moves to right, surge slider moves to left
Right turn → roll slider moves to left, sway slider moves to right, yaw slider moves to left
Left turn → roll slider moves to right, sway slider moves to left, yaw slider moves to right
Driving downhill → pitch slider moves to right
Driving uphill → pitch slider moves to left
Tilted to the left → roll slider moves to left
Tilted to the right → roll slider moves to right
SimTools Settings, Tips and Tricks
Dec 28, 2015
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