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Use Race Pedals As Rudders

This guide to using race pedals as flight rudders is the work of Mikey_MIG and all credit resides there: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/6dp4mh/how_to_use_racing_pedals_as_rudder_pedals_for/

What you need:
    • A set of racing pedals. I'm covering my experience with the G27 pedals, so your mileage may vary if you use another product.
    • vJoy Virtual Joystick Driver, available here. This is the virtual joystick we will use to setup the rudder axis in FSX.
    • Universal Joystick Remapper (UJR), available here. This is the software we will use to combine the clutch axis and accelerator axis into one axis output.
    • Have your rudder pedals plugged in. In the case of the G27/G25, this means you will need to have your racing wheel plugged in as well unfortunately, since the pedals don't have a USB connection of their own (there are adapters for this, but I don't have any experience with them). For me, I just have the wheel tucked away on the floor under my desk behind the pedals. Note: you do NOT need to have the wheel plugged into a power outlet for the pedals to work, you only need the USB plugged in.

    • Install vJoy and UJR. Once vJoy is installed, you shouldn't need to touch it at all to set anything up. UJR is the only program we'll need to open.

    • Open UJR. Near the top, vJoy Stick ID should be set to '1' and show as 'Connected' if vJoy was installed correctly.

    • Look at the Virtual Axis column. In row 1 (the X axis), set Special Operations to 'Rests H'. This will make it so our clutch axis rests at the upper end of the X axis limit.

    • Under Physical Stick ID, the number you choose correlates to different joystick devices that are plugged into your computer. This means you will need to do some guess & check to figure out which Physical Stick ID is assigned to your pedals. To do this, set Stick ID to '1' and Physical Axis to '1'. Start pressing all your pedals and see if the State bar moves. If it doesn't, set the Physical Axis to '2' and try again. If none of the axis numbers work, set Physical Stick ID to '2' and repeat the process. Eventually you'll figure out the correct device ID and axis number. Once you do, set it to your clutch axis.

    • Make sure the State bar sits at the top of its limit, and moves LEFT when you press the clutch. If it doesn't, check the Invert box. Overall, this is what you should be seeing
  • (aside from whatever you have your Stick ID/Axis set to).

  • Now go to the Axes 2 page at the top of the program.

  • In the X axis row, set Axis Merging to 'Merge'. This will average the input of our pedals.

  • Repeat the setup for the Physical Stick ID and Physical Axis. The Stick ID should be the same as the first page, you'll just need to change the axis to whatever your accelerator pedal is.

  • This time, make sure the State bar sits at the bottom of its limit, and moves RIGHT when you press the accelerator. If it doesn't, check the Invert box. This is what you should be seeing

  • Our configuration of UJR is done! Now open FSX, but make sure UJR is still open. UJR will always need to be running for the axis merging to work unfortunately.

  • In the Controls settings of FSX, go to the axes setup. FSX should recognize both your racing wheel and vJoy as new controllers.

  • Delete all the default axes assignments for the racing wheel, as these will interfere with our use of the pedals.

  • Delete all the default axes assignments for vJoy (if there are any). Then change the assignment for the rudder axis. Pressing either the clutch or the accelerator should be recognized as the 'X Axis'.

  • That's it! Go do a test flight!
DIY Peripherals
May 28, 2017
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