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Theory and background info

As describded in some other FAQs and threads, SimTools can get data from game memory but this assumes that SimTools GameEngine is running on the same hardware (PC) as the game. Obviously, Sony/Microsoft will not provide a PS4/XBox version of GameEngine :)
So for the consoles, the only option is that the game provides telemetry through network data. Generally the telemetry is sent using UDP protocol which is lightweight as it doesn't require handshaking on network level. In case your favorite game doesn't provide telemetry data, I suggest you harrass the editor on forums/social media so they support it.

Three families of UDP telemetry can be observed : broadcasted, targeted, specific.
  • In broadcasted mode, the app sends the telemetry data to ALL devices on the same network. In that case, any device on your LAN (PC, tablet, phone,...) will receive the data from the app. This avoid to specify the target within the game but this has several disadvantages like network pollution and filtering : imagine you have the game running several times on your LAN because you are playing with friends who brought their console. If you do not filter, then SimTools will receive UDP telemetry from all simracers at the same time. What a mess ! But this behavior can also be usefull as you can use apps on tablets, in parallel to simtools and other apps on other devices without any configuration to do on the game. Project Cars 1/2 are games that broadcast data on the network.
  • The targeted approach requires you to select on the game through the UI the destination of the stream by giving the IP address where GameEngine is running. This implies only one target will receive the data, making tablet/simtools coexistence more complicated. Should you need to replicate the telemetry data to feed several apps/tools you will have to find a way to do that yourself. CodeMasters games follow that principle for the F1 series (unfortunately, not for DiRT series :()
  • A third hybrid mode exists where the game requires a complex handshake dialog to subscribe to telemetry data, like a data bus. This requires some more intelligence both on clietn and server, but allows more flexibility. Assetto Corsa is one of those.

Practical info

Console games in SimTools follow the same process as PC games. There are two things to note however:
  • Patching : SimTools require you to go through patching anyway. As you can't patch anything on the console, just patch using the Game Manager as you would with a normal game but you will not supply any path/file to patch. Thats it. Activate also dash and vibe as needed.
  • SimTools start: As SimTools cant detect the game is running as it does when looking for in memory processes, you just have to start the game manually.
Beside this, everyhting is the same : max/min values , axes, presets, etc.
The console UDP plugins can also be used for PC version of the games, only the start will be manual. Generally I provide a PC version which adds automatic start and patching when I have time and the game to validate it.

For optimal behavior, wifi should be avoided : wifi can filter-out broadcast and add latency. Always use wired ethernet.
Mar 19, 2019
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