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Monitors moving or not? Flight - Racing

(Edited) Explanation by BlazinH

A racing simulator needs to be able to maintain fast transitions for the most part so large swings are not needed or desirable where you would need to move the monitors too. Moving monitors just slows things down and can be hard on equipment, especially when attempting something like a large triple screen setup. ‘

Better immersion is felt when the screen stays level. The natural tendency in a turn is to lean your body opposite the turn in real life so leaning in on a simulator just feels correct. But also in real life, leaning in only counteracts g forces and your eyes still stay level with the horizon for the most part. So this also feels correct when the screen stays level because as you lean in your eyes also stay level more or less.

But for flight, and depending on what dofs you use and how much tilt you want, it may be desirable to move monitors also.
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Mar 23, 2015
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