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Forum Rules

Please ensure you are familiar with the Forum Rules before making posts, it will help prevent disappointment and save our hard working admin team a lot of work: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/forum-rules.9527/

Our forum rules are straightforward, and there are only a few of them:

1. Do not write anything without real content just for collecting coins

Do not try to cheat our system or our moderators, and do not post an unnecessary amount of posts only to earn credits here. This will be detected quickly by us and can lead to a deletion of all your posts and lead to your account's permanent ban.

This includes one-word posts or concise sentences made within a concise period of time on our site! Please express yourself with complete sentences, even if it is not perfect English grammar. If you cannot decently express yourself, please be a silent reader here, but please do not post many short writings without real values.

Examples For Bad Posts:

Examples For Good Posts:
  • I like your motion simulator because...
  • I can't entirely agree with you because ...
  • I like to present to you the following ...
  • and so on ...
If you like a post or thread, use the rating box which sits below each post and use that one instead of posting a one-word-comment

We have a zero spam tolerance policy, and writing multiple bad posts will cause a ban on your user account. You can read here more about our coin rules.

2. Do not spam
We ban all spammers immediately permanently, without exception.

3. Behave respectful and friendly

4. Do not post illegal content or requests

This also includes anything that relates to pirating or contains weapons or porn stuff.

5. Only the English language is allowed
Posts in another language will be deleted without further asking.

6. Do not post excessive advertising
If you are a company, you can post from time to time in the marketplace section
if you want to advertise anywhere else send me a pm for our advertising plans

We will delete any postings without further asking with simple phrases like (except off-topic section):
  • looks, a good mate
  • Great work
  • Funny thing
  • Wow, funny
  • etc.
7. Do not ask for support via personal message (pm)
All support questions should be handled publicly in the corresponding support forum so that anyone with a similar question can participate in it.

8. Do not misrepresent other people's projects as your own.
Forum Tips
Feb 3, 2022
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