1. For downloading SimTools plugins you need a Download Package. Get it with virtual coins that you receive for forum activity or Buy Download Package - We have a zero Spam tolerance so read our forum rules first.

    Buy Download Package Now!
  2. Do not try to cheat our system and do not post an unnecessary amount of useless posts only to earn credits here. We have a zero spam tolerance policy and this will cause a ban of your user account. Otherwise we wish you a pleasant stay here! Read the forum rules
  3. We have a few rules which you need to read and accept before posting anything here! Following these rules will keep the forum clean and your stay pleasant here. Do not following these rules will lead to permanent exclusion from this website: Read the forum rules.

Coins - How to get them and how to give them

The XSimulator forum uses virtual coins to encourage participation and these virtual coins can be used to purchase time limited access to plugins and downloadable files.

You can purchase week long access to plugins for 250 coins and the latest version of a plugin will be found here, with update notices also posted to the forum: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/marketplace/categories/downloads.1/

If you download a file from the download section it will cost you 10 coins each time. No matter if you have a valid coin package or not. If you have a valid coin package you can still download all the plugins.

In general spamming existing posts to earn coins will be unwelcome and may result in a forum ban. If you need coins and have a project to test then ask, it is possible for other members to transfer coins to you, at the member's discretion.
Instead spamming and if you do not can or do not want to create a building thread you can purchase a download package here:

This will give you a much better reputation instead posting useless posts just for the sake of earning enough coins.

You can also transfer coins directly to a member from the recipients Bio Box, or from the 'Balance' link near the top right of the forum:


What do I get for which activity in coins?

Registration: 10 Coins
Happy Birthday: 5 Coins
Update full profile: 10 Coins
Upload avatar: 5 Coins
Create new thread: 10 Coins
Thread deleted -10 Coins
Thread get reply: 1 Coin
Create poll: 5 Coins
Vote poll: 1 Coin
Poll get a vote: 1 Coin
Thread get sticky: 10 Coins
New post: 6 Coins (with word multiplicator for large and extended posts)
Post deleted: -6 Coins
Upload attachment: 5 Coins
Download attachment: -10 Coins
Attachment downloaded: 1 Coin
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