Joyrider Motion Simulator

This is just an example project description. We are still busy in relaunching the new site, so please be patient and come back soon here. In the meantime why not look into our active community

At this stage the joyrider is very much a proof of concept. The JRK is fantastic easy, all the components work nicely together, the winch can handle the ±36° up and down easily (18-20 A consumption max. so far)! Several things will need adjustment:

  • The gear ratio of the drive must be lower, i.e. the movements are too slow.
  • The backlash is hilarious. The bicycle chain is not the most efficient way to drive this platform. A timing belt might be better.
  • The computer needs an upgrade. The poor little Pentium®4 @ 3 GHz with rFactor @ 1920×1080, x-sim Sender and Profiler running is by far overloaded
  • The second axis must be constructed. A 1DoF is not worth the effort – although it’s quite impressive how much more you feel like driving with the movement.
  • Tidy up the cables and paint the rosty steel…

More to come…