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Motion Simulation Software SimTools SimTools v2.6.1

SimTools Release Version

  1. yobuddy

    SimTools is designed to be a simple yet powerful set of motion simulation tools for various motion simulator platforms.
    They work together to get motion simulators up and running as easy as possible.
    While still giving the user all of the customization and flexibility they may be used too.
    SimTools has support for a variety of interfaces and support for a wide range of games.
    With more games being added all the time.

    • More than 100 racing and flight simulations supported
    • Full Manual Available
    • An intuitive, self-explanatory user interface, quick setup
    • Single or Dual PC setup
    • Up to 6 Degrees of Freedom (motion axes)
    • Works with SCN, Arduino, JRK, SimAxe and more.
    • Dashboard and gauges support
    • 3D Transducer support
    • Video Ride Player, Creator and Recorder support
    Advanced features include live motion profile adjustments, washout filter, smoothing filter, dead zone, and boundary.

    Antivirus - false positive warning:
    Game Manager has the ability to scan a game's memory space so we can get the telemetry from games that don't supply any.
    Therefore you may get a false positive with some anti-viruses.
    To fix this problem, just add it to the exceptions list for your antivirus.
    (windows defender example)

    • Remove SimTools 1.3 completely from your system before installing SimTools 2.0.
    • Be sure to press yes to "Remove old Settings and Files?" when prompted during the uninstall of SimTools 1.3.
    Game Plugins
    Read here why and how we sectioned both projects into different parts on xsimulator.net and simtools.us:

    Please take the time to read and understand the manuals for the proper usage of SimTools.

    Manuals / Documentation


    • There is no internet connection needed to use the program (licensing only).
    • If you are using Google Chrome and there is a message that the download could contain malicious code, just ignore that message and proceed it. It's a false positive error that only appears in Chrome.


    1. amc.PNG
    2. limiting.png
    3. Untitled.jpg
    4. Axis Assignments.jpg
    5. SimTools_Interface.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sale83
    Version: v2.5.5
    Hvala, odlično.
  2. Ferharley
    Version: v2.5.3
    Gracias perfecto
  3. susocalfail39
    Version: v2.5.1
  4. moaale
    Version: v2.5.1
    It deserves more than 10 stars because it is always at the foot of the canyon arranging problems of people who nurses always knows attentive many thanks to heart heet. We have Yobuddy, Noorbeast for a while thanks to all the references of this forum. Thousand Thank you.
  5. titofe
    Version: v2.4.1
    super merci encore plus excitant j'ai changé les moteurs120w et les cartes Sabertooth 2x32.
  6. RaceRay
    Version: v2.4.1
    Nice Job!
  7. HarryManson
    Version: V2.4
    Infinite tnx for this software ;)
  8. speedy
    Version: V2.4
  9. RaceRay
    Version: v2.2
    Wow, another amazing update
  10. DaVinster
    Version: v2.0
    My SIM sits in stasis until we move again. Can't wait to try this version when I get it back together. Way to go and Thank You for all your hard work for the benefit of the community at large!!