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Xplane 11 my custom pc and my experience as a real world private pilot.

Discussion in 'X-Plane' started by Joedreamliner787, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Joedreamliner787

    Joedreamliner787 New Member

    Aug 10, 2019
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    My Motion Simulator:
    I am new and just joined here because I have a DOF Reality P3 on the way. I definitely wanted a 3 DOF because I feel Yaw is important especially when practicing crosswind landings. I am a real world pilot with a PPL. I have been using flight sims since MS95 in fact it was because of flight sims I was able to get my PPL so quickly because I already had understood all the acronyms, navigation, traffic pattern procedures, aeronautical chart reading, flight planning and instrumentation.

    When xplane came out it was a different world where the physics are really more true to the real world. For me now fsx, fly inside, aero fly fs2 are good sims but if you want to really polish your skills Xplane 11 is more true to the real world flight experience.

    I see a lot of people having issues with frame rates and thing is first you need great hardware and also understand priority processing in the PC.

    I have built a couple of water cooled pcs and my latest is a Core P5. The MB is made by Gigabyte and is an Aorus. I am running an intel 8700k that I overclocked. 64gb of ram is on board along with a 2080TI evga with an EKWB waterblock because the warranty stays intact on the card from EVGA as long as you use water blocks they allow. All my fittings are EKWB compression along with rad which is a 480. My CPU block is also a EKWB as well as the 13mm hard tube. I have the GPU overclocked as well. HDs are all solid state and my monitor is a chg90.

    Currently I am on Win 10 pro. I use Process Lasso to prioritize resources to Xplane 11 and have been using it for a very very long time. My PC is strictly for gaming and simulation. I don't have any programs installed that are not needed. I have my settings extremely high and I can hit 55FPS with moderate over clocks on the CPU and CPU. Yes it took a lot of tweaking but it's worth it. With VR it's whole new sim and of course with a DOF platform on the way coupled with Xplane 11 it's going to feel as close to the real world as it gets. I find the flight model of Cessna 172 is almost as dead on as the real aircraft. Stall speeds and even using the Garmin is on point!

    For flight sim hardware for general aviation: I use the Cirrus Cessna Desktop Yoke along with PFC Cirrus rudders and their multi engine prop controls.
    For flight sim hardware for fighters: I use DCS A10 along with the Hotas stick, throttle and the TPR rudder system. I came from the original F16 HOTAS setup and the A10 is an amazing product.

    Overall I cannot wait to try my DOF with Xplane 11 to compare on another level of realism. Thank you all for reading!
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