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Tutorial Using Oculus Rift with a buttkicker/transducer

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Building Q&A / FAQ' started by GWiz, May 22, 2019.

  1. GWiz

    GWiz New Member

    May 12, 2019
    Aboyne, Scotland
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    I do all my simracing in VR and thought this might be useful for those who do the same and have trouble getting their bass shaker to work nicely with the Rift. I don't currently have a separate sound card and so use my butt-kicker using the bass channel rather than a proper program such as Simvibe or Simshaker.

    The rift can now mirror it's audio and you can get a bass shaker to work relatively simply using this method but it's possible to get much more control using a free program called Voicemeeter. The idea with this is that you have your game pointing towards the Voicemeeter input which can then copy and alter the audio to other devices. I have mine pointing towards the Rift (headphones), my speakers (For the buttkicker) and also to a Virtual Audio Cable (Another free program).

    Annotation 2019-05-21 193556.png

    I then feed the virtual cable back into the buttkicker and by using the equaliser, you can fine tune if you want the low or high rumbles to be more noticeable as well as having finer control over frequency cut-offs etc.

    Annotation 2019-05-21 193650.png

    Annotation 2019-05-21 193729.png

    This may be overly complicated and arguable may introduce a bit of latency to the rumbles, but my butt doesn't notice if it does! :grin

    I would presume that getting a separate soundcard and running one of the shaker programs would give superior results, what are peoples views on these? One big downside of running a shaker off the bass is that you get rumbles where there shouldn't be any. (With putting on the windscreen wipers in project cars 2 for example!)

    Anyway, hopefully this is of some help to those who have a relatively basic hardware setup like me.
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