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UK Suppliers of Worm Drive Motors for Traction Loss

Discussion in 'Motor actuators and drivers' started by Glenn Summers, Sep 13, 2019 at 14:56.

  1. Glenn Summers

    Glenn Summers New Member

    Oct 20, 2017
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    Hi All,

    New to the forum.
    I have a static (currently!) race sim rig
    I'm planning to convert to motion (pitch, roll and traction loss)
    Going to start with traction loss as it's only a single axis (and will add a lot of immersion...).
    I have a GT Omega frame, Fanatec wheel/pedals and a BMW 1 Series seat, which I plan to put on a subframe for the traction loss assembly. With me onboard there will be a fair bit of weight, probably just over 100kg.
    Planning on purchasing SimTools soon and likely go down the JRK interface route, but I want to set up a proof of concept to work out the motor torque I need.

    I've ordered a secondhand van wiper motor (VW Sprinter), 12v 40A power supply, bearing and castors to run some tests and see if thats sufficient or I need a stronger motor.

    I appriciate there is a ton of info on the forums but not seeing many suppliers of suitable motors that I can source in the UK. Anyone know of a reputable supplier I can use?
    I know the details above are losse, but roughly what torque range would I need, I'd rather over spec the motor to keep the load/heat down.

    Any help, much appreciated