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Simtool's homing command/direction

Discussion in 'Commercial Simulators and Peripherie' started by JCDionne, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. JCDionne

    JCDionne Custom Sim build Gold Contributor

    Jul 8, 2021
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    My Motion Simulator:

    I have a question regarding Simtool's homing command/direction.

    My understanding of Simtools is that it is programmed on startup to home the actuators and find the center point by fully extending and retracting the stroke which in my case is 200mm.

    My only issue is I have a setup where the sim has four actuators (one on each corner) with a center pivot point that are all fixed to the baseplate.

    My question, is there a way to reverse the direction of the homing command in Simtool. Having a fixed center pivot point, I need the front and rear actuators to home in opposite directions in order for them not to fight each other. The only way around this I found it to have the front actuators disconnected and swapped the fixed connection with feet that are free floating and set my homing timings of the rear and front actuators timing it so the fronts have clearance to home using TBVST 4.5. This is not a great solution and looking for an alternative option.

    Any help is appreciated, guys ... I am open to ideas and suggestions. I'm maybe missing a function in Simtools that I have overlooked that maybe a solution, but I am stuck at this point.

    Also, to note. I have tried changing the homing direction in TBVST with no luck as I think Simtools overrides this command on startup.

    Thank you
    JC Dionne
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