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Question SIM-RE--Build UPDATE:and some questions THX

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by Che Franklin, Dec 17, 2019.


30a Drone ESC for wiper motors ?

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  1. Che Franklin

    Che Franklin im alot brighter than i look.. Gold Contributor

    Oct 25, 2019
    Cape Cod Ma USA
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, Arduino
    SIM-Build UPDATE:
    sorry I didn't have time to properly put this together Massive Thanks To Noorbeasts guidance and pointing me correctly.

    OK Folks,
    New Plan: Ditch the "2 slow actuators" and the 9Dof Board.

    New Goal:
    Use Basic Shoulder DIY with Wiper Motors POT Design, Adjusted to better suit my needs, Add Traction Loss & a Seat Belt Tensioner. Push To Drink and Wind Simulation. Im Using The PlaySeat Evolution Chair for the rig.

    Construct multi-joint Base to mount PlaySeat EVO to allow (Roll Pitch Yaw Heave Sway Surge)

    Roll >Side-to-side motion of a car about an axis that extends from the front to back of the vehicle

    Pitch> Left to right of a vehicle and trough the center of gravity, or transverse (side-to-side) Y - axis.

    Yaw > Left to right motion of the nose of a car on its vertical Z - axis,

    Heave > Linear vertical up/down motion of a vehicle in response to suspension action and reaction, parallel with Z - axis.

    Sway >Linear lateral side-to-side motion in response to centrifugal forces during the cornering or drifting, parallel with Y - axis.

    Surge> Linear longitudinal front to back motion in response to reversing, acceleration, deceleration and braking, parallel with X - axis.

    Parts to Play With:
    Alienware Aurora i7 3770
    Arduino Mega

    4 Vnh2sp30l 1 Each Motor

    Wiper Motors/1 Rear Wiper For Belt TensionWith needed Tie-Rod Hardware.
    moto1= Left ARM >>>>>>BTS1
    moto2= Right ARM>>>>>BTS2
    moto3= Sway>>>>>>>>>BTS3
    moto4= Heave>>>>>>>>BTS4

    4 L298n Motor controls
    moto5= SeatBelt_Tension Servo
    moto6= Upper_LEFTAirVent
    moto7= Upper_RIGHTAirVent
    moto8= LOWER_LeftAirVent
    moto9= LOWER_RIGHTAirVent

    2 GPIO Relays (For if then do this logic ie.Push To Drink)
    GPIO1= PUSH to Drink Button
    GPIO2= OPEN??

    6 Apple FANs From G5
    1 Power Supply From G5
    1 600 Basic PWR Supply (if Needed)
    1 UPS Battery Backup

    Audio Tactile Feedback
    1 2ch Computer Speaker System with 6in Sub and Control
    2-1600 Watt ButtKicker AMPS
    1 THX 5Ch Rane EQ
    4 Aurora Tactile Transducers
    CH2=LowerSEAT_Tactile Transducer
    CH3=LowerBack_Tactile Transducer
    CH4=UpperBack_ Tactile Transducer

    5Ch THX Rane EQ
    CH2=LowerSEAT_Tactile Transducer
    CH3=LowerBack_Tactile Transducer
    CH4=UpperBack_ Tactile Transducer
    CH5= SPLIT >2ch Computer Speaker System

    Planning to fine tuning the frequency to each Transducer, also I have counter weight for most of the Front end weight, with old GoKart Weights. CSR Elite Pedals 29lbs , (Only using 2 Pedals its almost ZERO G finishing that up today)

    Questions so-far :

    1-Could I use 30A ESC's? ---Say From a LARGE 6S Drone for the wiper Motors? I have them is all..
    2 input on how to add Belt Tension tips ideas please

    3 traction loss can you show me some of yours pls
    4 Surge how important is it?

    All help and input welcome.

    THX Che'

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