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Question SFX 100 100 x 100 profile sourcing? (not) KineticMsystems

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Building Q&A / FAQ' started by Trigen, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. sprintfailed

    sprintfailed New Member

    Mar 3, 2021
    +0 / 0 / -0
    I have received the emai saying "Order Status: Completely Delivered" after 4 weeks of waiting. Of course I haven't recieved thing from them. And you know the drill, tonns of emails, including the one from PayPal invoice that does NOT work, 50 calls and no one picks up. After 50 days of nothing - I decided to ask PayPal for a refund. And guess what? Kinetik approved my refund within 10 minutes! It took them 10 minutes to refund my money!

    I strongly recommend to post the Item24 option somewhere in the manual. I only started to search for help after I faced this atrocious cusomer service. These guys provide with the pre-cut 4 pieces sets ready to ship. Will reprint the parts and try this store now. Hope will find some luck there
  2. darkknight

    darkknight New Member Gold Contributor

    Feb 1, 2021
    +15 / 0 / -0
    My Motion Simulator:
    The parts arrived today, superbly packaged and excellent in quality - if only the stepped up their customer services response!
    If I had known about the hit and miss kinetik issues I would have ordered direct from Item 24 even if it is £150 more.
  3. Gary R Tree

    Gary R Tree New Member

    Jan 13, 2020
    Construction Management
    United States
    +2 / 0 / -0
    My Motion Simulator:
    3DOF, AC motor, Motion platform
    I ordered my Kinetiks parts on January 6th. I received them on April 24th. I am in the US. They responded to two of my emails the first 6 weeks then they went silent when I asked for a tracking number. I filed a claim with Paypal and guess what. The next day they processed the shipment and sent a tracking number. Two weeks later the materials arrive. I could have saved months if I would have ordered from Item 24.
    Kinetiks has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.