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Professional Datalogger for RF2

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Gadget999, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. Gadget999

    Gadget999 Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2015
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, DC motor, Arduino, 6DOF
    AIM dataloggers can be used as an active datalogger for your Sim

    you can also use thier software on your sim rig and datalog a lot of data

    I have tried it and it works pretty good


    also works with IRacing and Assetto Corsa


    there is a lot of data available

    CHANNEL NAME FUNCTION CHANNEL NAME FUNCTION LapDist Lap distance NumRedLights Red lights number NumVeichles Number of vehicles Raining Rain (weather) StartLight Start light YellowFlagState Yellow flag state PitchRate Pitch rate ClutchRpm Clutch RPM OilT Oil temperature RPM Engine RPM WaterT Water temperature RollRate Roll rate Acc_lat Lateral accelerometer Acc_lon Longitudinal accelerometer Acc_up Vertical accelerometer Speed Vehicle speed EstimatedLapTime Estimated lap time HeadLights Head lights InPits IndividualPhase Individual phase LFBrakePressure Left front brake pressure LFBrakeTemp Left front brake temp. LFGroundVel Front left wheel ground speed LFLatGroundVel Front left wheel lat ground speed LFLatPatchVel Front left patch speed LFLonGroundVel Front left wheel long ground speed LFLonPatchVel Front left longitudinal patch speed LFPatchVel Front left wheel patch speed LFRideHeight Front left ride height LFRotation Left front rotation LFSuspForce Front left suspension force LapDist_Scoring Lap distance scoring LapStartTime Time from lap start LapsBehindLeader Laps behind race leader LapsBehindNext Laps behind preceding driver MaxWetness Maximum wetness NumPenalties Number of penalties NumPitStops Number of pit stops PathLateral PitState Pit state Place PosX_scoring Position scoring (x axis) PosY_scoring Position scoring (y axis) PosZ_scoring Position scoring (z axis) Qualification Qualification Sector Sector number TimeBehindLeader Time difference from race leader TimeBehindNext Time difference from next driver TimeIntoLap Lap time TotalLaps Total laps number TrackEdge Track edge TrackTemp Track temperature TurboBoost Turbo boost WindSpeed Wind speed YawRate Yaw rate Brake Brake pressure BrakeBiasRear Rear brake bias EngineTorque Engine torque 6 Fuel Fuel level Max RPM Maximum RPM value Steer Steering BrakeFilt Brake filter Clutch Clutch position ClutchFilt Clutch filter CountLapFlag Lap flag counter East Vehicle position (east coordinate) Flag Flag InGarageStrall LFCamber Left front camber LFCarcassTemp Front left wheel carcass temperature LFDetached Front left wheel detached LFFlat Front left wheel flat LFGripFact Front left wheel grip factor LFInnerTireTempCent Front left wheel inner temp Central LFInnerTireTempIn Front left wheel inner temp In LFInnerTireTempOut Front left wheel inner temp out LFLatForce Left front latitudinal force LFLonForce Left Front Longitudinal Force LFPressure Left front wheel press LFSurfTempCenter Front left wheel central temp. LFSurfTempIn Left front surface temperature in LFSurfTempOut Left front surface temperature out LFSurfType Left front surface type LFTireLoad Left front tire load LFToe Left front toe LFVertTireDeflectio Front left wheel vertical deflection LFWear Left front wear LFWheelYLocation Front left wheel location (y axis) LRBrakePressure Left rear brake pressure LRBrakeTemp Left rear brake temperature LRCamber Left rear tire camber LRCarcassTemp Rear left wheel carcass temperature LRdetached Rear left wheel detached LRFlat Rear left wheel flat LRGripFat Rear left wheel fat grip LRGroundVel Rear left wheel ground speed LRInnerTireTempCent Rear left wheel central temp. LRInnerTireTempIn Rear left wheel inner temp. input LRInnerTireTempOut Rear left wheel inner temp output LRLatForce Left rear latitudinal force LRLatGroundVel Rear left wheel lateral speed LRLatPatchVel Rear left wheel lateral patch speed LRLonForce Left rear longitudinal Force LRLonGroundVel Rear left wheel ground speed LRLonPatchVel Rear left wheel lon patch speed LRPatchVel Rear left wheel patch speed LRPressure Left rear wheel pressure LRRideHeight Left rear ride height LRRotation Left rear rotation LRSurfTempCenter Rear left wheel surface temp center LRSurfTempIn Rear left wheel surface temp In LRSurfTempOut Left rear surface temperature out LRSurfType Left rear surface type LRSuspDeflection Rear left suspension deflection LRSuspForce Rear left suspension force LRTireLoad Left rear tire load LRToe Rear left wheel toe LRVertTireDeflectio Rear left vertical tyre deflection LRWear Left rear wheel wear LRWheelYlocation Rear left wheel location (y axis) 7 North Vehicle pos (north coordinate) RFBrakePressure Right front brake pressure RFBrakeTemp Right front brake temperature RFCamber Right front tire camber RFCarcassTemp Front right wheel carcass temp RFDetached Front right wheel detached RFFlat Front right wheel flat RFGripFact Front right grip factor RFGroundVel Front right wheel ground speed RFInnerTireTempCent Front right tire inner temp cent RFInnerTireTempIn Front right tire inner int temp RFInnerTireTempOut Front right tire inner temp out RFLatForce Right front lateral force RFLatGroundVel Front right wheel lat ground speed RFLatPatchVel Front right wheel lat patch speed RFLonForce Right front longitudinal force RFLOnGroundVel Front right wheel ground speed RFLonPatchVel Front right wheel lon patch speed RFPatchVel Front right wheel patch speed RFPressure Right front wheel press RFRideHeight Front right wheel ride height RFRotation Right front rotation RFSurfTempCenter Front right RFSurfTempIn Front right surface temperature In RFSurfTempOut Front right surface temp out RFsurfType Front right surface type RFSuspDeflection Front right suspension deflection RFSuspForce Front right suspension force RFTireLoad Right front tire load RFToe Front right wheel toe RFVertTireDeflectio Front right tire vertical deflection RFWear Front right wheel wear RFWheelYLocation Front right wheel location (y axis) RRBrakePressure Right rear brake pressure RRBrakeTemp Rear right brake temperature RRCamber Right rear tire camber RRCarcassTemp Rear right wheel carcass temp RRDetached Rear right wheel detached RRFlat Rear right wheel flat RRGripFact Rear right wheel grip factor RRGroundVel Rear right wheel ground speed RRInnerTireTempCent Rear right tire inner central temp RRInnerTireTempIn Rear right tire inner temp In RRInnerTireTempOut Rear right tire inner temperature Out RRLatForce Right rear latitudinal Force RRLatGroundVel Rear right wheel lat ground speed RRLatPatchVel Rear right RRLonForce Right rear longitudinal force RRLOnGroundVel Rear right wheel ground speed RRLonPatchVel Rear right wheel long. patch speed RRPatchVel Rear right wheel patch speed RRPressure Right rear wheel press RRRideHeight Right rear ride height RRRotation Right rear rotation RRSurfTempCenter Rear right wheel surf central temp RRSurfTempIn Right rear surface temperature in RRSurfTempOut Right rear surface temp out RRSurfType Right rear surface type RRSuspDeflection Rear right suspension deflection RRSuspForce Rear right suspension force RRTireLoad Rear left tire load RRToe Rear right wheel toe 8 RRVertTireDeflectio Rear right vertical tire deflection RRWear Rear right wheel wear RRWheelYLocation Rear right wheel position (y axis) Session Session number Speed_lat Lateral speed Speed_lon Longitudinal speed Speed_up Vertical speed SteerFilt Steering filter ThrottleFilt Throttle filter UnderYellow Up Vehicle pos. (vertical coordinate) Gear Selected Gear Throttle Throttle position Counter Counter LapNumber Lap number TimeInLap Total lap time AmbientTemp Ambient temperature DarkCloud Dark cloud GamePhase Game phase LFSuspDeflection Front left suspension deflection MinWetness Minimumm wetness GPS_Gyro GPS_Altitude GPS_Heading GPS_LatAcc GPS_LonAcc GPS_PosAccuracy GPS_Nsat GPS_SpdAccuracy GPS_Speed GPS_Slope

    it uses a plugin rF2AiMPlugin.dll

    it may be possible to get motion data from this plugin !
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