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Planning Stage - Whats important

Discussion in 'New users start here - FAQ' started by Sean Thompson, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Sean Thompson

    Sean Thompson New Member

    May 1, 2019
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    Good Morning All,

    So got a few questions as I've finally upgraded my Sim gear from the Logitech G27 to a TS-Pc & Club Sport V2 pedals.

    So now with the sim feeling a ton better its time for me to upgrade my Rig, the current one was welded with box section steel and an old BMW seat out the Endurance race car. its was made with adjustable everything but turns out all I actually need is the seat to be able to slide as no one has had any issues with steering height or distance so not going to bother with it on the new one.

    So back on topic, While I am loving my Oculus Rift for fun sessions it's just not good enough for competitive racing. so the new stand is going to be full Alloy to save weight, Very minimal and got a fiberglass race seat going on it and will do a 50-60" 4K Tv.

    ok so Question time. I'm going for a 2DOF as its got a pretty small footprint and works with the space I have. I would like to get a good amount of travel, would you recommend mounting the arms to the frame, or mounting to the shoulders, I will have a should bar regardless as have a 4 point Harness I'll be fitting. But currently thinking of doing the joint directly below the seat and mounting the motors in the middle or the Front.

    For a Buttkicker DIY thing, What have guys found works and how is it when on a motion sim.
    I'm debating between doing two bass speakers one under the seat and one under the pedals or doing one on each corner.

    going to be doing this in 3 Stages:

    1. Build new Rig without motion+Buttkickers
    2. Add Subs + build motion base and test
    3. move rig onto motion Platform.
  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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