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need some testing for vr fps.

Discussion in 'X-Plane' started by f1iceman, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. f1iceman

    f1iceman Why So Serious ? ( The Joker )

    Aug 29, 2015
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    2DOF, 3DOF, SCN5
    hi I have a long chat with a chap Preston Monreo About the vr and orbx true earth and vr in general with xplane being abit of a killer for clear look good fps.

    now if possible I would like some guys on here if possible to do some more test for me with the nvidia driver 399.24.
    do a simple fly before and after changing the driver and let me know if anything has changed fps wise.

    there was a sudden jump in fps on prestons sim rig and when i had gone thru what he had done to his the main difference was his driver, he was wondering why we all moan about fps as he was at high everything on xplane settings pulling 60fps average to 80fps in oculus rift with a supersample of either 1.3 or 1.5.

    so rather than call the chap like alot have i guess i said anything is possible lets have alook so any way i did the exact same thing we had about the same system.
    i7 7700k 5.0ghz
    32gb ram
    nvme 500gb drive

    i flew out of east midlands brfoe driver change and was running 35 to 40 fps with less than high and 1.3ss
    so i matched his system.

    xplane 11 highest setting except /reflections zero/antialssing x2 fxx ssaa.
    oculus 1.5 ss
    nvidia driver change to 399.24

    ran again hit 60 tpo 70 fps instantly but had slight glitching, i have not set anything else up for nprioritys or anything to try get rid of the glitching.

    when i flew out further it would jump to 90fps noproblem most of the times.

    so atm i have not had much time to compare the situations graphics for graphics as i suspect something has to give but no doubt the setting look good and is nice clear view no jaggies.

    this is without 3jfps aswell just x plane 11 and orbx south.
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