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Showroom My simulator wipers motor with loss of traction

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by maximizador, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. maximizador

    maximizador New Member

    Mar 27, 2015
    Galvez Argentina
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, DC motor, Arduino
    Hello, here I share my first simulator achieved with all the information I could get on this great help page
    I clarify that I use a translator because I do not speak English only Spanish so I apologize for that
    So my platform was taking shape, I told you to use a structure built with approximate measurements of the driving position of my hyundai genesis. IMG_20160403_184437.jpg
    Here is a sample of how I look

    Copia de IMG_20160227_200455.jpg
    The seat was installed on the axle shaft of a car

    Copia de IMG_20160229_201911.jpg
    two structures were made one on top of the other that pivots from the front end and moves the part of the seat to the sides to achieve the effect of loss of traction

    Copia de IMG_20160311_150201.jpg

    It has wheels with locks underneath to be able to carry it from one side to the other and fix it where it will be used

    Copia de IMG_20160312_182405.jpg
    all the part where the steering wheel and the pedals are placed moves back and forth to allow regulation

    Copia de IMG_20160510_153224.jpg
    the pedals took apart a g27 and got inverted and relocated

    Copia de IMG_20160427_161536.jpg
    The loss of traction effect was achieved with a motor and potentiometer connected to a chain by means of a gear that makes the structure move by bearings on the other lower structure

    Copia de IMG_20160510_153238.jpg
    the rear engines are bosh trucks mercedes benz coupled to the volkswagen gol car throttle potentiometer, coupled by gears and timing belts, since the rotation of the potentiometers was less degrees than the rotation of the engines. In any case, it is the least expensive option available in Argentina and they are very precise, they do not generate electrical noise. Try with potentiometers from the electronics provider and they did not work. Try with hall effect transistors and do not make them work either.

    IMG_20160510_153234.jpg IMG_20160510_153405.jpg
    Here you can see the profile used at the bottom to make the regulation slide and the wheels with lock

    Copia de IMG_20160510_153347.jpg
    I also manufactured a sequential gear lever with 2 microswicht and a spring that works by centering the lever and another lever with 1 microswicht that works as a handbrake.
    They are connected inside the controller changes of the g27 to which I add a telephone-style connector to be able to disconnect it if I want to remove it

    I hope you like it and I'm going to upload some more information
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    Ads Master

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