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Motion simulation and the feeling og grip. Dual actuator/motor

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Building Q&A / FAQ' started by Trigen, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Trigen

    Trigen Active Member

    Nov 25, 2018
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, 3DOF, DC motor, Arduino
    Hi chaps

    I suppose this would be one of the holy grails for motion but im always out for the best way to feel the grip/change of grip. First of though since ive never tried an actuator setup im unsure if just sway would let you feel the difference in grip but with my limited experience it dosent feel like it. With actuators though you can get more of the the micro movements that get lost in the gearing on wormgears

    My plan for my setup on my P1X pit is to have 2 motors. One in the front and one in the back to have a lateral motion system. It will also be combined with my G seat for sustained forces. I could possibly do 4x to have a 2 dof surge/sway. Thats another discussion anyways

    So then the question is what force do you put here? My thoughts would be tire grip/slip data which is requested to be in Mover but i dont know when. For simhub you can have tire slip on Bass shakers but this again is all tire slip. You would probably want lateral slip front and back so you can feel the over/understeer. Perhaps this is another output?

    I also hear people say you can feel the car getting loose on Dbox. Here's a picture from the Dbox game motion option. You have angular velocity /drift balance here. So what telemetry do they use? What does it feel like?

    Dbox YAW.png

    Id love to hear your thoughts on this
  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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