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Question Motion Cancellation not quite right - Vive Pro + 2Dof

Discussion in 'VR Headsets and Sim Gaming - Virtual Reality' started by SDMagoo, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. SDMagoo

    SDMagoo New Member Gold Contributor

    Oct 11, 2018
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    My Motion Simulator:
    Hi everyone,

    I have been playing about with motion cancellation using OpenVr, off and on for the past couple of days and it keeps teasing me!!!!

    My setup for what it may be worth - Vive Pro + 2Dof full frame rig + 4 x ADX Maximus Tactile Transducers (important).

    My rig has only been running for a days - still in the tuning/tweaking/ understanding, still quite blown away phase :)

    Now as my rig doesn't move all that much and driving produces a bit of natural head bounce, body movement anyway, running initially without motion cancellation was mostly fine - get the odd noticeable floaty feeling. Varies in intensity car/track/aggressiveness.

    So I read the 25 page thread (a couple of times now) and set about setting mine up knowing my tactiles are going to be a problem - several attempts to understand the software firstly, and also several attempts (10 or so) to get the tracking to not go nuts - instant nausea - vom vom train.

    I have at least a couple thousand VR hours by now, not prone to motion sickness at all for the record.

    So I cannot put the tracker (vive wand in my case at present) near my head - the tactiles + seat or even frame = vibration.

    The only place I can mount it, and where it can be seen well by the lighthouses and is on a solid surface, is hot gluing the controller (with a barrier of tape just in case) to the backside of the Logitech wheel -


    the only way it has actually worked at present - no jitters, fly off's etc - actually stable.

    Now the problem is, my actual head is back 700mm + 300mm in the Z (up) -

    From what I have read is that we do not need to use offsets? - seems counterintuitive to me but let's roll with that - instant nausea - wheel/dash is moving (this is about 10 times worse than no motion cancellation), brain confused.


    SilentChill commented on 10 May 2017
    Hi again,

    So I got the coordinates of where my HMD is and I have added an offset from where the HMD is to my controller to the "DriverfromHead" offset is this correct or am I getting it all wrong ? Should I be setting an offset for "DriverOffset" this is just to compensate for the extra movement that the controller is getting because its further back so it pitches slightly more and it yaw's slightly more. Surge and Sway seem spot on

    The answer:
    matzman666 commented on 11 May 2017

    I presume that's because I have not got the Touch Controller attached exactly where my head is

    The placement of the controller should not matter at all, it should work nonetheless.

    So I got the coordinates of where my HMD is and I have added an offset from where the HMD is to my controller to the "DriverfromHead" offset is this correct or am I getting it all wrong ?

    The "device offsets" have nothing to do with motion compensation, you should not set any of them. And there is also no need to enter any coordinates, the "motion compensation settings" do nothing at all, they are there because of a logical fallacy and will be removed in the next version.

    So I play around with the software, read up yet again, and I just can't get it right.

    I would say I would need to apply offsets?

    But which ones and what are the x,y,z measurements in, mm, cm, metres, kilometers?

    Can anyone shed some light here, SilentChill maybe?

    Cheers Rob
  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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  3. JMB3D

    JMB3D Member

    Jun 1, 2018
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    My Motion Simulator:
    I haven't been on hear for a while so sorry for such a late reply, I hope you have it working ok now.
    if not I can tell you that putting the controller on the wheel base wont work, too much vibration going through the tracker, and that's without you turning the wheel hard in a race.
    the tracker needs to be on a softish mount, I would recommend you put it behind your head, I'm assuming you read this guide I made https://www.xsimulator.net/communit...vr-motion-cancellation-setup-guide-pdf.53774/ I can tell you now that the gimbals don't work