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latest mods to my 6DOF v5 Elite simulator

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by kev b, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. kev b

    kev b Active Member

    May 3, 2016
    Academic Lecturer - Electrical Engineering
    Swindon, UK
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    My Motion Simulator:
    3DOF, Arduino, Motion platform, 6DOF

    All over the lockdown period I've been working in my 'secret lab' updating and enhancing my current v5 6 axis Elite Dangerous motion rig and wanted to share it with you. Those that have seen any of my previous vids (Yo*tube) will know that I only designed/built/use it for Elite, it has 6dof, can carry up to 14stone and adds another dimension to the game. My elite commander name is Blastard.
    I fly it every day, is totally reliable (10hrs+ sessions! at a time) and it always puts a smile on my face. One of the best projects I've ever done. Great fun and all in wide-angle VR thanks to Pimax.

    I have to add my thanks again to this community, @SilentChill (his project gave me the inspiration) and @Wagnard (plugin guru).

    My rig still uses these main components;

    Custom-built aluminium chassis.
    SimTools software.
    Six Motion Control Products 90-zyt-199-12 (3000rpm, 1.2Nm, 12vdc) motors with 60:1 reduction.
    Six IBT-2 (12vdc 43A) motor h-bridges (I have a pile of burned monstermoto h-bridges !! so gave up on them long ago). I've never had an IBT-2 fail in over 2 yrs rig use.
    Three S-1000-12 (12vdc 83A) PSU's (used for commercial LED displays) - cheap and reliable.

    This basic setup has worked really well for last two years. The only maintenance has been having to change the position-pots when they wear (maybe once per year), and wear on the PHS12 eye-rods. I since swapped these for teflon-sealed rather than brass and have had none wear out since.
    A lot of the construction detail and specs can be found on my previous v5 build vids (see my sig).

    For this latest v5 'Pro' enhancement round, I've modified the SMC3 code to allow the (analog) power setting (pot input) to extend to all 3 motors (it previously only worked on the first 2 motors). Further, I have ditched the analog part altogether and introduced an 8-step digital sequencer for power increment/decrement (in 128bit steps) via 7" TFT touchscreen which itself forms part of a full scada system for the rig.

    I've also added an optical display system (560x RGB leds) to the rig that is linked over serial bus to the scada and reacts to the power settings.
    It all works wonderfully.

    I attach a 16min vid showing all these enhancements, flight operations, demo of the mods and a bit of gameplay at the end so you can see it in action. As always, am happy to answer and questions etc.

    Thanks again,
    Kev B

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    Ads Master

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  3. Mechromancer

    Mechromancer Member Gold Contributor

    Aug 28, 2018
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, Arduino
    Those displays are just...wow!

    I think I'd rather just watch all the data options than play the game. LOL

    Great job man!!