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Iracing vs Project Cars vs Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Off Topic - All other stuff here' started by Boomslangnz, May 7, 2015.


Which game is better?

  1. Iracing

  2. Project Cars

  3. Assetto Corsa

  1. bsft


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    More than likely, any game ported from PC to console or vice versa will be less "sim" than pure PC games. Because most console people use a controller, not a wheel and pedals.
  2. Gabriel Vuelma Romanzini

    Gabriel Vuelma Romanzini Member

    Jan 10, 2015
    SolidWorks User
    Nova Prata - Brasil
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    I don't know if it's late or not... but here goes my opinion... (The best simulator is YOUR best, not the best for all....)
    iRacing: a little expensive as you need to pay every month or year... For me, it take a little of all, Laser scanned tracks and cars, a good tyre simulation and car physics. FFB is very good too. It has races every 1 hour and a online mode thats is the best in racing games. Very good setting screen and set options. But take care, you come with a number of tracks and cars and need to buy the rest. ( Like $10 Dollars 1 car or 1 track)
    rFactor2: The best in tyre simulation, as I heard a lot of people say, but I didn't played, so, can't tell more...
    Project Cars: This is the perfect game if you like play more arcade and don't have plenty of time to enter in a league, or to dedicate to get the lowest time of a track, including setting up your car ( Setup screen and option is very bad for people that know how to set)... In graphics, the best. FBB could be better, when you go in a kerb, you don't feel it, no bump feeling too.
    Asseto Corsa: Just saw some videos and played few times, but the FFB looked very great and the graphics too... Can't tell more, just played a little...
    rFactor: If you like to race all type of cars, bus, tractor, bike....... (Yes it have A LOT, A LOOOT of mods) There are plenty of tracks too. It's a old game, but for me, the best FFB. In graphics, it's the worse, have some bugs too, because some people make tracks, some tracks have error. Have some leagues here in Brasil, don't know in your country... For me, have the best setting screen... If you like to mod a game, this is the best, you can change the cars in files and make almost all, it's easy to make tracks too, with Bob's Track Builder.

    Hope it help who is undecided
    Gabriel Vuelma Romanzini
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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015