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Question How does my OSW parts list look?

Discussion in 'New users start here - FAQ' started by jager-meifter, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. jager-meifter

    jager-meifter New Member

    Jun 4, 2021
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    Hey there!
    Brand new to the OSW scene.
    I'm sorry this is not a motion sim build but only an OSW DD build
    I'm a noob at electronics.
    Please help me out.
    These are the parts I have chosen so far. I'm most confused about the driver and the FFB controller.
    But first, the parts that I'm sure about:

    Small Mige with BISS C encoder and shielded cables (ordered directly from the manufacturer in China)
    Mean Well SE-600-48 power supply (is this sufficient or do I have to move to a higher quality one)

    As far as the driver is concerned, I know the IONI are very popular. But they are not available in my country so ill have to pay hefty customs duty if I decide to get it.
    Is there a cheaper alternative that I can easily buy in my country India? I don't know what specification to look up for this. Will it make any difference in the FFB feel if I use different ones?

    Next is the FFB controller. All I know is that it helps communicate with the computer and tells the computer to treat the motor as a FFB wheel. That's all I know about this component.
    So my question is do i necessarily have to go with a Simucube controller? Because a generic STM32F407G-DISC1 is significantly cheaper than the Simucube (a tenth of the price of the simucube)

    If i do go the STM32 way, what other components will i have to add to get the thing working? Will it be worse FFB feel than the Simucube? Or will there be no difference? Will the STM32 setup have any limitations as compared to the Simucube?
    Please enlighten me.

    And i know nothing about the frimwares, ill cross that bridge when i get there i guess. And is it the firmware that makes a difference to the FFB feel or is it the hardware?

    I'll pick an appropriate computer case and an emergency kill switch for the setup. I also know that I need a bunch of cables and connectors to get all this together. So please tell me what to get here as well

    That's about it for now. Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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