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Help with math calculations please...

Discussion in 'Force-Profiler Simulator Control' started by libory, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. libory

    libory New Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    - 19Coins
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    Could anyone give me a little hand on this please? Imagine I have a simulator giving value limits from -10.000 to 10.000... let's say lateral force and I make a splited G-force of:

    Maximum value = 10000
    Minimum value = 2000

    Minimum value = -2000
    Maximum value = -10000

    How can I move the platform to 0 degrees when the value is inside of the deadzone and when it passes the deadzone then starts moving. In sort ways I would like every time the game value goes below the minimum value (2000 and -2000) it just goes to level and doesn't move. Because at the moment the platform stays inside of the deadzone but with some angle sometimes to the left sometimes to the right.
    In some how this -10000 to -2000...-0-... 2000 to 10000.
    Do I need to add some another math plugin to make my platform level and then move after it reaches the minimum level?

    I hope is clear what I am trying to do.

  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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  3. bsft


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    Hello, what game are you trying to set motion from?
    Is it an x-sim supported game?

    On the otherside of things, perhaps try this. Go to the math section add the forces you wish to feel. Example lateral force. Add this force for each axis/motor/actuator. Then instead of putting in numbers,just tick the box that says automatic maximum adjustment. Then go into the game and if it is car racing, gently drive around the track without crashing or hitting walls, ripple strips. You will feel big motion to start with, but as you drive the motion will lessen. Remember to invert motion in the math section to get it to feel right, example, correct lateral force.
    Then exit the game, go to the math section, un-tick automatic maximum adjustment. Now look at the numbers generated by the game in the math section. From here you can adjust the number up and down as needed. Also adjust the intensity figure as well (the % number). Go back into the game, go for a drive, exit, fiddle with numbers, test and re-test. This is time consuming, however, you will eventually find a motion you like.

    The numbers you have listed, may be better for vertical force (bumps) as they would produce sharp motion. For lateral force, try the steps above first.
  4. bleco

    bleco Member Gold Contributor

    Mar 27, 2010
    IT Problem Coordinator
    Montréal, Canada
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    When you start X-Sim, does your simulator position is correct and leveled ?

    Are you using other g-force effects in your math while testing ? which effects ?

    and just to make sure, what g-force # are you testing and for which game ?

  5. davidneely27

    davidneely27 New Member

    Nov 11, 2012
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    hello everyone. i purchased the rev burner, i have my tach hooked up to it. i cant get to the x-sim profiler 2.0 to change the math setup. someone please help!