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Question Hello, wanted to ask about building a complete professional rig

Discussion in 'Commercial Simulators and Peripherie' started by tribit, Sep 5, 2018.


Will I fit into budget?

Poll closed Sep 15, 2018.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. With tweaking, yes

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  1. tribit

    tribit New Member

    Sep 5, 2018
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, 3DOF, SCN5, SCN6, Arduino, Motion platform, 4DOF, 6DOF
    Me and my brother are trying to open a racing simulation cafe in our home town in order to introduce new and young people to gaming in a totally different way, a way where they could exercise their skills and possibly become better drivers overall or just spend time racing in our premises and compete with us. Now getting to the point:

    Me and my brother decided to build 2 rigs, full motion, DD wheels, hydraulic pedals and hand brakes, shifter and etc. In other words a professional rig which would be as close to real experience as possible. However we are facing trouble with the motion simulators, they are very expensive and we do not want to get very simple ones. Our initial budget for 1 rig is about 12-15k EUROS.

    I have been reading quite a lot about them for the past few days, and came to conclusion that it is possible to build your own 3DOF motion simulator using SCN5 or SCN6. If i got it right, 3DOF is basically 3 SCN5 or 3 SCN6 connected together that make your simulator move in almost all the directions. So if I am getting those, do I need to create a program that will connect them and make them work with all the games, or do i get your software and it will automatically connect all the sticks together and all i have to do is just install them into the cockpit. Maybe any of the members or moderators could help me with that?

    Also, I have a list of other equipment i would like to buy like i specified above (pedals, wheel, handbrakes and etc.) I do not want to name them here as it would be some sort of advertisement, but if anyone is willing to give their opinion about the quality of that equipment and whether i should get something better, i will list those parts in the comments below, just let me know if i am allowed to do it, thanks!
  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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