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GTR2 Calc Pitch,Roll?

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by manuel007, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. manuel007

    manuel007 New Member

    Jun 17, 2009
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    Hi Guys,

    how can i calculate Pitch and Roll from the geometry data? Can anybody help me?

    float carOri[ ORI_MAXIMUM ]; // Pitch, Yaw, Roll. Electronic compass, perhaps?
    This is no data in angle, i mean this is World Space-Position...

    Here is GTR2 Data:

    typedef struct
    float userInput[ ISI_INPUT_MAXIMUM ]; // This structure allows for a number of parameters to be
    // passed from the user to the exteral application via control input
    // in the game. The ISIInputType enum describes which element of this
    // array corresponds to which in-game control. Note that this data
    // is floating point, and can be configured in the game to be driven
    // by an analog input device (joystick). The user may also map the
    // control to a keyboard key, or a digital controller button. This
    // means that the value may be anywhere between 0.0 and 1.0. Also note
    // that these values will not be debounced; if the user
    // maps the External Signal Up control to a key on the keyboard,
    // the coresponding value in this array will remain 1.0 for as long
    // as the user holds the key down.

    float engineRPS; // Engine speed, Radians Per Second.
    float maxEngineRPS; // For use with an analog rpm display.
    float fuelPressure; // KPa
    float fuelLiters; // Current liters of fuel in the tank(s).
    float fuelCapacityLiters; // Maximum capacity of fuel tank(s).
    float engineWaterTemp; //
    float engineOilTemp; //
    float engineOilPressure; //

    float carSpeed; // meters per second
    long numberOfLaps; // # of laps in race, or -1 if player is not in
    // race mode (player is in practice or test mode).

    long completedLaps; // How many laps the player has completed. If this
    // value is 6, the player is on his 7th lap. -1 = n/a

    float lapTimeBest; // Seconds. -1.0 = none
    float lapTimePrevious; // Seconds. -1.0 = none
    float lapTimeCurrent; // Seconds. -1.0 = none

    long position; // Current position. 1 = first place.
    long numCars; // Number of cars (including the player) in the race.

    long gear; // -2 = no data available, -1 = reverse, 0 = neutral,
    // 1 = first gear... (valid range -1 to 7).

    float tireTemp[ TIRE_LOC_MAX ][ TREAD_LOC_MAX ]; // Temperature of three points
    // across the tread of each tire.
    long numPenalties; // Number of penalties pending for the player.

    float carCGLoc[3]; // Physical location of car's Center of Gravity in world space, X,Y,Z... Y=up.
    float carOri[ ORI_MAXIMUM ]; // Pitch, Yaw, Roll. Electronic compass, perhaps?
    float localAcceleration[3]; // Acceleration in three axes (X, Y, Z) of car body (divide by
    // 9.81 to get G-force). From car center, +X=left, +Y=up,
    // +Z=back.
    } GTR2SharedMem;
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