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Full frame pivot u joint height ujoint height tilt?

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Building Q&A / FAQ' started by gSeat, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. gSeat

    gSeat Member

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Hello All,

    I was reading somewhere on here and can't find it.

    I don't understand how to determine how high up the pivot u joint (ujoint), ought to be for full frame. Something was mentioned with the rig, as a full frame, needing proper tilt clearance forward. To what degree, or how high off the ground should the pedals be at a safe minimum.

    However, I think this is a dual question with respect with "how long should the rods attached to the motor levers be?"

    When looking at
    1) He has very short rods attached toward the front of the seating area (similar location as other designs below, just shorter0
    2) He also has a shorter pivot u joint column that other compact designs such as

    (link to @Deane thread https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/diy-2dof-budget-build.12377/)

    This is in contrast to
    @noorbeast [​IMG]
    (@noorbeast thread

    @bsft image posted in @Avenga76 build thread

    I've got 50:1 motors, but that aside, I'd like to understand the purpose of higher or lower u joint placement. 230mm height is what was quoted in @Avenga76 thread, and it just seems like I'd want that for flight purposes.

    How to determine the ideal height rather than just taking 230mm and running with it. Just curious why higher, why lower?

  2. Deane

    Deane Old Fart

    Aug 25, 2018
    Wirrina Cove, South Australia
    +76 / 3 / -0
    My Motion Simulator:
    The higher that you go obviously gives you more range of motion which would be limited by the length from the pivot point (U-Joint)
    and the length of the motors lever arm length.
    In my case as long as your motor lever has enough frame clearance then if you use my example you certainly have enough movement, too much in fact
    which is adjusted in the software settings later on. Same applied to roll movements.
    My base to motion platform height is 200mm. and I used an old car CV joint which can be had for free from your nearest wrecking yard.
    Just make sure that you will have clearance of the motion platform from your motors and other frame components at full range of motion.