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Showroom Ford Puma based DIY pc simulation cockpit with Fanatec clubsport V2.5 etc.

Discussion in 'DIY Motion Simulator Projects' started by Johnnyoboy, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Johnnyoboy

    Johnnyoboy New Member

    Oct 1, 2019
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    Hi guys!

    Me and my friend got excited about pc simulation and we just got crazy idea one evening while driving in garage!

    Im building my real racing car and I had spare Ford Puma shell with full of rust.. so we grinded and cutted frame and left cockpit. I weld it littlebit to make frame stronger and we builded some strong mounts for steering wheel, everything is used from scarp. :D We made it two to three days. Friend bought Fanatec clubsport v2.5 kit and we found oculus rift vr headset for it.

    Not like in seen pictures theres now race handbrake and H-pattern shifter and sequential in use. I say Dirt 2.0 and raceroom etc. are great to drive with fanatec and cockpit feels realistic!

    Below you can see some prjoect build, actually I found this great community after we started to think about motion platform future project, and hopefully we get some motion in future, maby only seat or whole frame or then just a new cockpit.

    ..So lets say this was evolution one :D

    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-21 at 15.04.17.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-21 at 15.04.16 (10).jpeg
    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.01.00.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2019-12-21 at 15.04.17 (1).jpeg
    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-21 at 15.04.16.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.01.00 (2).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.00.38.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.00.57 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.00.37.jpeg
    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.00.38 (1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 18.00.40.jpeg
    So great to be here and have a nice xmas from close of northpole!

    - Joni
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  2. Ads Master

    Ads Master

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  3. lilted86

    lilted86 Member

    Dec 30, 2016
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    My Motion Simulator:
    2DOF, DC motor, Arduino, SimforceGT
    Interesting project! Maybe for next upgrade you can use 3 projectors to make a 180degree FOV!