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DIY Force Feedback Joysticks for Flight Sims

Discussion in 'DIY peripherals' started by GeorgeBoles, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. GeorgeBoles

    GeorgeBoles Member

    Apr 27, 2009
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    Good Afternoon, Everyone.

    I need a force feedback joystick for my flight sims, especially for IL2 and Rise of Flight. (Doesn't everyone?)

    These have to be USB and compatible with Windows 7 64 bit computers so that they will not become useless in 5 - 8 years.

    The only currently manufactured force feedback joysticks are the Logitech G940 (which might NOT be manufactured anymore) and something by Paccus at 1500 Euro.

    The old gameport sticks have disappeared (CH Force FX) and cannot even be purchased on e-bay any more.
    The Logitech Wingman Force can still be purchased on ebay, and I believe it has excellent strong motors. I would need to modify the handle to make it fit my hand and supply it with a some HID/PID data to from the USB.

    What some people do is hunt down one of these products and pull apart a modern (but also discontinued) cheap force feedback stick like the Logitech Force 3D, use the smarts and plug these into the older, more powerful sticks.

    But this does not appeal to me.

    I have made some MJoy16 based modifications to my old gameport CH joysticks (see my webpage), but I want to do more.

    I do not think that the X-simulator software is compatible with the two games I mentioned, nor with many other force feedback games. Is this true, and correct me if I am wrong.
    (Similarly the BFF chap's software is not compatible either: bffsimulation.com/BFF-FFB-System.php)

    Does anyone know where some usable or modifiable code for PIC or AVR chips might be so that I can get a project like this under way?

    Or is this project just too big for a semi-skilled amateur.

    I am writing here because this is the only forum I have found which has people who can remember what it is like to know VERY LITTLE about microprocessors and chips and things, and are prepared to guide the initiate.

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    Ads Master

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