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Question 3DOF AC motors - project questions.

Discussion in 'New users start here - FAQ' started by bartdereu, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. bartdereu

    bartdereu New Member

    Oct 1, 2016
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    My Motion Simulator:
    3DOF, Arduino, Motion platform
    Hi All !

    i think after years and years of thinking about it, i finally will start off with building a motion sim
    for VR flying. Goal is to use it ONLY for flying (DCS , FSX and hopefully the upcomming FS2020)

    I have my hand on some second hand hardware that i can get for free (AC gear motors and inverters)
    so i rather use them to keep overall costs low.

    Now, i have read many many posts about it , and allot of builders are saying that you need 1kw+ motors
    at least. But i have the feeling that you'll need this the most in racing sims and not flightsims (correct me
    if i'm wrong pls) . The short movements up and down require allot more power then a smooth up and
    down that you'd get flying a heli or a cessna 172.

    I have the following ac motors available :
    3x 750w 20RPM 3 phase AC motors
    3x 350w 10RPM 3 phase AC motors
    3x 370-550w frequenty drives

    I have been testing a bit with the 750w motors and a VFD to see what i can handle, and i have
    the feeling that it really can handle allot. I'm going to test today with a 7cm rod on the axle and
    i hope to pull at least 50kg's

    The goal is to build a 3DOF sim like this


    Am i wrong in my whole thinking ? Will the frequency drives cut out even with smooth movements?

    Lets say i want to pull 50kg's to 10cm / s the formula would be :
    50*9.81 = 490 N
    490 N x 10cm = 49 joules
    49 J / 1 s = 49 watts (pure power, friction and inertion not added)

    Any advice is highly appreciated !
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    Ads Master

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