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X-Plane V11 plugin 2019-09-01

SimTools game plugin for X-Plane V11

  1. value1
    : Flight simulation

    Motion data:
    This plugin provides pitch, roll, yaw and surge, sway, heave acceleration.
    Extra1, Extra2 and Extra3 are pitch/sec, roll/sec, yaw/sec, which make more sense in a fligth simulation.
    (Earth gravitation is subtraced from heave acceleration.)

    DashApp Data:
    Speed, RPM (engine, propeller).


    Author: value1

    Notes on installation:
    • If you had installed the old X-Plane V10 plugin, you might need to remove all xplane* files from C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\SimTools\
    • In the settings menu of X-Plane (upper top right corner) upload_2019-9-1_16-10-12.png check at least index 135, Motion platform stats – Network via UDP, IP address and Port 4123.
    For SimDash and Simvibe also check index 3 (Speeds), 17 (Pitch, roll & headings), 37 (Engine RPM) and 38 (Propeller RPM). Other datasets can be checked additionally, we don't care.
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