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Ville Pesonen

War Thunder Plugin

SimTools V2 plugin for War Thunder

  1. Ville Pesonen

    : Flight and tank battle simulation

    Motion data:
    This plugin provides pitch, roll, yaw, surge, sway and heave acceleration.

    Data that is used:
    Roll: Roll relative to earth
    Pitch: Pitch relative to earth
    Heave: Vertical G-forces
    Yaw: "Turn" value from the dynamic battle map
    Sway: Angle of attack or something along those lines.
    Surge: Speed - lastSpeed
    Extra1: Roll speed in degrees / second
    Extra2: "Pitch speed" = Position of Elevator
    Extra3: Position of rudder.

    DashApp data:
    Gears - Landing gear position
    flaps - Flaps position
    trimmer position
    throttle position
    propeller pitch
    manifold pressure
    Oil pressure
    Oil temperature
    Water temperature
    weapon1 (1 when pressing the trigger)
    weapon2 (1 whe pressing the trigger)
    aviahorizon roll
    aviahorizon pitch
    AoS deg
    TAS km/h

    Game Vibe:
    Road detail
    Collision L/R
    Collision F/B
    Landing Gear

    At the moment there is a known bug in the plugin:
    the Weapon1/2 values provide vibrations even though the plane is out of ammo. There is a fix coming for it when I have time to write it.

    Author: Ville Pesonen
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