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SimTools v2 - Game Vibe v2.0

A telemetry driven re-configurable transducer system for SimTools.

  1. Game Vibe v2.0

    Game Vibe is officially out of beta!! :cheers
    This update is compatible with SimTools v2.4 and above :thumbs

    Game Vibe v2.0
    - Code Refinement
    - Communications Overhaul
    - SimTools v2.4 compatible
    - Auto updating Version Number
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  2. GameVibe - Beta 5b

    - Added missing files
    - Weapon1_VibrationID.cfg
    - Weapon2_VibrationID.cfg
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  3. GameVibe - Beta 5

    GameVibe - Beta 5
    - “Pause with packets” bug found and squashed. (caused some games not to produce sound on first launch - Pcars1 & 2 especially)
    - New Vibe Type: Flaps
    - New Vibe Type: Landing Gear
    - New Vibe Type: Weapons 1 & 2
    - More Code Refinement
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  4. SimTools v2 - Game Vibe

    Game Vibe Beta4 - Updates & Changes
    - Revamped output for GameVibe
    - New “Pause with packets” triggering system
    - Code Refinement
  5. GameVibe - Beta3

    Warning - Please completely remove the old beta before installing the new one.
    Because of the change to single digits, errors may occur without removing the old version first.

    - 'None' location option is fixed and works now as it should.
    - Frequency range increased, now 5Hz to 100Hz
    - Frequency range now only uses single digits.
  6. GameVibe - Beta2

    - Ip Address problem fixed
    - Sound Card order problem fixed
    - None option added for output location
    - Real frequency now displayed
    - Frequency range increased, now has the range of 25hz to 100hz
    (thou we may still want more range)
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