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SimTools v2 - Game Dash v2.3

Format and Send Game Dash data to a device/program.

  1. yobuddy
    Here is the first official release of GameDash 2.0!:thumbs
    With a faster processing engine and a greatly refined editing system that’s sure to please.
    And even a few tweaks to make it easier to use. (Like green pen tops when there are edits)

    It will be very familiar to those who have used GameDash in the past.
    - Faster processing engine
    - Refined Editing and Command System
    - New Clamp Command (keep value within a set range)
    - Support for up to 3 Output Interfaces.
    - New Virtual Output Interface. (Making troubleshooting much easier)
    - Can now be used from any PC on your network (set IP’s as needed)
    - GUI Refinements to make your Edits easier to spot.

    GameDash 2.0 now supports up to 3 Interface outputs!
    Enabling fancier and more complex setups!

    GameDash 2.0 now has a new Virtual Output interface. :sos
    Now you can easily see and log everything that is sent to an interface for easy troubleshooting.

    Get your GameDash On! :cheers

    Tip #1: Use 50ms output rate for the Virtual Output Interface.
    (It’s plenty unless you really have a reason to go faster.)

    Tip #2: When possible, the software/hardware you are supporting should be written in a way that it drops incompatible commands. This way you can configure new game edits without locking up your device.

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Recent Reviews

  1. RacingMat
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent! I'm playing with 7segments: it's fun! Thanks
  2. RaceRay
    Version: 1.1
    A great addon for SimTools.