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Project Cars UDP Plugin - Manual plugin start 2.2

Alternate plugin for Project Cars supporting consoles (PS4/XboxOne) and PC

  1. vthinsel
    Hello !

    Thanks to the help of @value1 , @yobuddy and magicfr I was able to update the UDP plugin for Simtools v2



    This is an "alternate" plugin to the existing one which is based on UDP instead of SHM.
    Benefits of UDP are :
    • Direct compatibility with apps on phones/tablets like PCars Dash, vrHive, CrewChief,...
    • Support for PS4 an XBoxOne, in addition to PC of course ;)

    UDP is supported since path 8 on consoles and patch 7.1 on PC
    See here for more details on UDP support
    UDP refresh rate is set in the game options :
    • UDP off
    • UDP 1 60/sec (16ms)
    • UDP 2 50/sec (20ms)
    • UDP 3 40/sec (25ms)
    • UDP 4 30/sec (32ms)
    • UDP 5 20/sec (50ms)
    • UDP 6 15/sec (66ms)
    • UDP 7 10/sec (100ms)
    • UDP 8 05/sec (200ms)
    • UDP 9 01/sec (1000ms)

    Ethernet connection is preferred over WiFi to avoid latency issues

    The plugin supports yaw/pitch/roll, heave/sway/surge/traction loss (in extra1) and also full GameDash support.


    Basic Vibe also:


    Both plugins (SHM and UDP) can coexist on your PC with no issues. Feel free to test this one, as it will not break your current settings.

    I also include with the plugin (open the zip file) a simple standalone console application called VB_UDP_Receiver.exe that will dump on the screen and in a file called Test.csv (in the same directory as the exe file) the UDP date received over the network. This can be usefull for debugging and making sure UDP data gets to GameManager PC (firewall issues for example)

    Installation: drag/drop the zip file onto SimTools Plugin Updater, then select the Project Cars UDP in GameManager and go through Patching to activate it. Then start the plugin by clicking the "Play" icon . You will also have to capture Min/Max values if needed.

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