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Project Cars 2 UDP (uses new UDP format) - Manual plugin start 1.1

Project Cars 2 UDP for consoles

  1. vthinsel
    Here is the Project Cars 2 UDP plugin, which uses the new format. The Project Cars 1 UDP plugin still works with PC2 as you can choose in the settings of the game the UDP format to use. If you are happy with PC1 format, keep the PC1 plugin for PC2 ! If you have another app requiring PC2 format, or just want to try then go for this one ! GameDash is also fully supported, with a couple of differences from PC1 plugin
    You just have to install the plugin as usual, and start it manually by clicking the play button (a patch step is still required to activate the plugin even for consoles )
    Remember also to update the min/max in tuning center

    Enjoy PC2 !
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