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pCARS2 Plugin

SimTools game plugin for pCARS2

  1. Update

    I removed the "annoying" dialog box and added chassis vibration as an additional GameVibe value when running SharedMemory V1 :)
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  2. Update for GameVibe

    Update for GameVibe
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  3. Update for the new shared memory structure V9

    Update for the new shared memory structure V9
  4. additional exe name

    Support for additional exe name
  5. Option to have only motion during playing (driving)

    I've added a dialog box where you can chose, if you want to restrict the motion of the simulator to only while driving.

    NOTE: The dialog box might be hidden behind the game!
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  6. Update for Project Cars 2 Shared Memory

    This plugin now supports both Shared Memory modes: Project CARS 1 and Project CARS 2.
    Also I have added more dash data:
    Speed [km/h],RPM, Gear, Game State¹, Player, Car, Class, Track,Car Flags, Oil Temp [°C], Oil Pressure [kPa], WaterTemp [°C], Water Pressure [KPa], Fuel Pressure [KPa], Fuel Level, Fuel Capacity, max RPM, Ambient Temperature, Highest Flag Colour, Lap valid

    ¹Game States:
    3 =...
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  7. Fix of "Plugin doesn't appear in GameManager"-error

    Sorry for that mistake! :)

    Don't forget to turn on
    Shared Memory in Options-System-SharedMemory-Project CARS 1.
  8. Update for SimTools V2

    Shared Memory is turned off by default, and switched on via the Options screen, under Options->VisualFX ->Performance->Use Shared Memory (Note this will most probably be moved to a better place, will update this post once it happens). You must select "Project CARS" option.
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