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Motion Simulation Software SimTools v2.5.3

SimTools Release Version

  1. SimTools v2.5.3

    Registration update - now compatible with v3 licenses.
  2. v2.5.1

    SimTools v2.5.1
    - Serial Interface fix :thumbs

    ps: SimTools v3 built in repo is now working!
  3. SimTools v2.5

    SimTools v2.5
    - Win v2004 fix :thumbs
    - GameManger Tray icon popup page fix
    - Other small stuff i can't remember
    ps: SimTools v3 ran with a simulator for the first time yesterday :cheers
  4. SimTools v2.4.1

    SimTools v2.4.1
    Axis Assignments Generic 2D Standard, traction loss filter fixed
    Axis Assignments Generic 2D Advanced, traction loss filter fixed
    Axis Assignments Generic 2D Advanced, output type now properly checked
    Axis Assignments Generic 2D Advanced, form now clears properly on load.
    Interface plugins 14bit output fix for MemMap, Network and Serial.
    NEW GameManger On/Off hotkey ability (Disabled by default)
    (See GameManger tools page #2)
  5. SimTools v2.4

    SimTools v2.4
    - New GameManger Profiling corruption detection system.
    If GameManger detects a corrupt file, It will:
    1) Load the backup
    2) IF the backup profile fails, it will load the default profile for the game.
    3) IF the default profile fails, it will create a new profile.
    - Output Testing has been revamped. (Gone is the 3..2..1.. countdown).
    (It now only takes about ~0.5 seconds to start or stop output testing)
    - Soft Centering & Soft Startup / Resume! I know allot of you have been...
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  6. v2.3.1

    SimTools v2.3.1 (HotFix Release)
    - Fixed SimTools Registration (now uses .net framework 4.6.1)

    This update fixes the "No Internet Connection Found" problem that started on 12/13/2018 because of a WordPress security update.
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  7. SimTools v2.3 Update and Changes

    SimTools v2.3
    - Updated Jrk interface now supports G2 devices
    - New Revamped Memory Mapped Interface
    - New Advanced Axis Assignments plugin
    - New Anti-Rollover filter (Axis Assignments plugin)
    - New Linear vs. Rotational output options (Axis Assignments plugin)
    - Revamped output for both GameDash and GameVibe
    - Xml offset files now supported by the SimTools PluginUpdater
    - Game Manger Profiling completely reworked
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  8. SimTools v2.2.5

    SimTools v2.2.5 Update and Changes
    - GameVibe/GameDash - Startup fix (no need to launch after game start now.)
    - SCN Driver - Now (centers) initializes the same as v2.0 and 2.1. (The SCN ‘protected’ driver from v2.2, is now an optional download)
    - Plugin Updater - Plugin name now shows when asking if you want to replace the Max/Min file.
    - GameEngine - optional ‘Locked Screen’ now scales properly.
    - SimTools Installation - Files now install to the correct location for MS Flight Sim and...
  9. SimTools v2.2

    SimTools v2.2 Update and Changes
    - New SCN Interface (now supports 2 SCN's per adapter).
    - New SCN Interface now adds the default end cap cushions to preserve SCN actuators.
    - New AMC 1280 USB Interface.
    - New HyperAXIS Interface (with support for 2 HyperAXES per adapter).
    - New Emergency Stop command added, so you can halt all activity from any plugin.
    - All support for GameVibe completed and tested extensively!
    - GUI Updates for all of the Axis Assignment plugins.
    - Added native support...
  10. SimTools v2.1

    Here are the fixes included with v2.1
    • Offline Mode Now Working correctly after registration.
    • Some GUI fixes for specific display problems in some regions.
    • Remote Profiler UDP “chatter” streamlined to be even more stable.
    • Remote Profiler initial connection problems should now be fixed.
    • Max/Min capture option buttons will now save and reload properly.
    • Fixed Boundary filter (it worked backwards to what I wanted)
    • Plugin Updater can now accept zipped GE and GM presets...