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Motion Simulation Software SimTools v2.5.1

SimTools Release Version

  1. SimTools v2.4

    SimTools v2.4
    - New GameManger Profiling corruption detection system.
    If GameManger detects a corrupt file, It will:
    1) Load the backup
    2) IF the backup profile fails, it will load the default profile for the game.
    3) IF the default profile fails, it will create a new profile.
    - Output Testing has been revamped. (Gone is the 3..2..1.. countdown).
    (It now only takes about ~0.5 seconds to start or stop output testing)
    - Soft Centering & Soft Startup / Resume! I know allot of you have been waiting for this.
    Soft Centering = you press the Pause button and the sim slowly Centers.
    Soft Startup / Resume = You Un-Pause the game and the sim slowly gets Back up to Speed.
    - All of the Axis Assignment filters have been redone and polished.
    - All New Axis Assignment filter Traction Loss
    - All New Axis Assignment filter Washout
    - All New Axis Assignment filter Smoothing
    - Axis Assignment filter GUI updates
    - Completely refined GameEngine motion computation engine
    - All new AMC unified interface
    - New Tuning Center ‘Save Gui Flash’ indication
    - New GameEngine Logging system (entertainment license only)
    - All internal SimTools communication has been completely overhauled for speed and efficiency.
    - GameDash and GameVibe communication was also overhauled.
    - PCars 1&2 fix (I can't get PCars to crash GameVibe anymore, I think its fixed?)
    - Company Tools now includes GameDash and GameVibe (with auto correcting re-setup - com ports/sound card settings)
    - GameManger and GameEngine are now live synced!
    (Select a game profile and the other app has it selected too)
    - GameManger and GameEngine connection and re-connection chatter is completely gone. (Now super efficient!)
    - Game Engine now has 3 running modes. (Default is Standard)
    In Standard mode, everything works as it always has.
    In Game Engine Advanced Mode, you will get per GameManger profile Min / Max settings.
    In Game Engine Expert Mode, you get per GameManger profile Min / Max settings, plus different Min / Max settings for Axis Assignments (a) and (b).
    - Everything is now compiled against .net 4.6 (to retain vista compatibility)
    - SimTools Installer should now download and install .net 4.6 should it be missing or out of date.
    - Using a Min / Max value of zero is now the equivalent of Turing the direction off.
    - New Min / Max files now default to all zeros.
    - (Experimental) Region free fix (looks good so far!)
    - Game Manger “Main Level %” in profile manager is now renamed to “Intensity Level”
    New Game Vibe and Game Dash versions finished for this release.
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