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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Plugin

SimTools Plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

  1. Fixed GameVibe flaps and added ability to set target IP address

    The plugin now outputs the rate of change of flaps for GameVibe. Also, the config file can now be used to set the IP address that the UDP application sends data to. This allows the plugin to work when the game and GameEngine are running on different PCs - the target IP address can be set to the internal IP address of the PC running GameEngine.
  2. Added extra motion variables

    Added roll rate, pitch rate, and yaw rate as extra motion outputs.
  3. Added GameDash and GameVibe support

    GameDash data: RPM (engine 1, propeller 1, engine 2, propeller 2, engine 3, propeller 3, engine 4, propeller 4), speed, altitude, latitude, longitude, flaps (left trailing edge, right trailing edge, left leading edge, right leading edge), landing gear, stall warning, overspeed warning, on ground

    GameVibe data: RPM, turbulence, flaps, landing gear, road detail, collision L/R, collision F/B
  4. Fixed locale bug

    Fixed the incorrect interpretation of data for certain locale settings.
  5. Plugin now automatically installs SimConnect.dll

    Rather than copying SimConnect.dll from the game installation directory, this file is now included with the plugin. This should solve any permission errors during patching, as well as communication errors between the UDP application and the game.
  6. Fixed bugs and added manual patching ability

    The motion data will (hopefully) no longer cut out in the middle of flight. There are also new files included that allow the game to be manually patched in the case of permission errors (see instructions when patching).