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Joystick plugin

SimTools plugin to read the joystick values

  1. value1
    This plugin reads the axis and buttons on a joystick and outputs these values in SimTools.
    It has been tested with a Microsoft Xbox 360™Wireless Controller. Other joysticks will work too.

    Genre: Tools

    Motion data:
    Surge, sway, heave, pitch, roll and yaw are fed with the axis positions of the joystick. Extra1 indicates the buttons pressed. Extra2 indicates the number of buttons pressed. Extra 3 finally indicates the position of the digital direction pad.

    DashApp Data:

    How to use:
    Run GameManager in Admin mode.
    Select the "game" Joypad.
    Patch by selecting the installation directory of SimTools.
    The patch installs a program "SimTools_Joystick.exe" and "SimTools_Joystick_Recorder.exe". These programs do nothing than trigger SimTools to read the Joystick values.
    Run GameEngine & GameEngine.
    Run SimTools_Joystick.exe or – if you watn to record the data – run SimTools_Joystick_Recorder.exe.
    Play with your joystick and observe the values in TuningCenter.

    You can also run a simulation/game in parallel. However certain games (like Codemasters and LFS) must be unpatched first.

    Author: value1
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Recent Reviews

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    Very Nice man!
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    It is fine for testing.
    Thank, good job.