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iRacing Plugin

SimTools game plugin for iRacing

  1. GameVibe Support

    Did I ever release the Iracing plugin with vibe support?
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  2. Update for SimTools V2

    Update for SimTools V2
  3. Update for DX11

    Thanks to @Avenga76 and @bruce stephen for the help:cheers
    Without you I hadn't been so quick with the update :)
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  4. Dash values added

    Dash_1 - Speed,m/s
    Dash_2 - Rpm
    Dash_3 - Gear
    Dash_4 - Fuel Remaining, %
    Dash_5 - Fuel Remaining, Litres
    Dash_6 - Lap
    Dash_7 - Oil Temp, C
    Dash_8 - Water Temp, C
    Dash_9 - Players last lap time, s
    Dash_10 - Delta time for best lap, s
    Dash_11 - Delta time for optimal lap, s
    Dash_12 - BlinkRPM
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  5. Addition of Heave-1

    iRacing is one of the few games that respects the fact that we stick to the earth (although we rotate with approximately 1'000 - 1'600 km/h!)
    So they include gravity into their model and output it in the telemetry data.

    It has been brought to my attention, that this is sometimes not ideal for simulation platforms.
    This plugin update includes in Extra2 the value heave-1g.
    Because of racing cars most of the time (hopefully anyway) drive on the...
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  6. Traction Loss added

    This plugin includes traction loss in Extra1 slot.
    I appreciate your feedback.
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  7. Memory Leakage Prevention

    I thought I'd better also update the iRacing plugin to prevent any potential memory leakage.
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  8. x64 mode included

    x64 mode included
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  9. Works now independent of iRacing start/stop

    Plugin finds iRacing when SimTools is started before or after iRacing.
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  10. Intermittent data finally fixed!

    With the great help and patience of @yobuddy this plugin is finally fixed.
    It run for 2 hours smoothly :)
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