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EVE Valkyrie CL1163233:LIVE

EVE Valkyrie

  1. SilentChill
    Genre: Space Combat
    Motion data:
    This plugin provides Pitch, Roll and Yaw speed ONLY

    This plugin works with the current version of EVE Valkyrie CL1143501:LIVE

    DashApp Data:

    Author: SilentChill :)
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Recent Updates

  1. Plugin update for last game update

Recent Reviews

  1. Ilya
    Version: CL1143501:LIVE
    Surprisingly my rig movements in Eve are more smooth than with identical settings in E:D... has anybody noticed?
    1. SilentChill
      Author's Response
      Awesome glad to know :) Can't say I've even played it other than testing when I made the plugin :D