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EliteDangerous Horizons Plugin Version

EliteDangerous Horizons Plugin (VR Version)

  1. Updated Pointers

    Added Extra 1 and 2 for SRV Roll and Pitch for those who are able to use them.
    Also increased values for SRV pitch and Roll for those of us with 6DOF who cannot add the Extra 1 and 2.
  2. Fixed GetBaseaddress Error , I hope :)

    Sure you will let me know if it works or not :)
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  3. Updated Plugin for SRV Motion

    Happy New Year !

    For this release I have gone back to just the plugin, there is no XML for now, we may resort back to that in a future release.

    Space Ship Motion: - Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Heave, Sway and Surge Acceleration
    SRV Motion :- Roll and Pitch Angle with Acceleration for Yaw, Heave, Sway and Surge

    Enjoy (I hope)
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  4. update for the latest update

    Give it a try I did rush it so I may not of narrowed it down enough , hopefully get someone up and running again
  5. Update Surge Heave and Sway Pointers

    One last try lolol :D
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  6. 6th September Update

    Added new Surge Heave and Sway Pointer and Pitch
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  7. Changed pointers

    Again :D
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  8. Updated Pointers

    Pitch, Roll, Yaw should work in SuperCruise

    All should be working after Jumping :)

    Arena should also work
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  9. Corrected game name in cfg

    Nothing to see here :D
  10. Pointers XML Updated

    Updated Pointers xml and also maxmin cfg :)
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